Sample SolidWorks Macros by Lenny Kikstra
Macros that I have written and have made freely available for your download and use. These macros are provided as programming samples/examples only, and do not serve any other purpose than that identified within it's description.

  • These macros are provided free of charge for personal use and/or reference.
  • These macros may be freely distributed, provided the original copyright notices remain unchanged and intact.
  • Most of these macros will work many 32bit versions of SolidWorks with minimal or no modification.
  • These macros, may not work on 64bit installations of Windows or SolidWorks.
  • These macros, and corresponding files, are provided as is.
  • There are no warranties, expressed or implied, that these macros will perform as indicated, perform to users expectations, or complete a specific task.
  • These macros will change the current SolidWorks document. Use these macros at your own risk. Back up your data before using this macro on any SolidWorks document.
  • This disclaimer was last modified on March 13, 2007 by Leonard Kikstra

    Name/Size: DesignTableCheck 2k
    Version/Date: ??? 08/27/2003
    Programmer/Copyright: Leonard Kikstra 2003
    Description: DTCheck is an example macro that uses 2 different ways of detecting the presence of a design table in the current SolidWorks model.

    Name/Size: Framed Box 109k
    Version/Date: none 03/26/2007
    Programmer/Copyright: Leonard Kikstra 2007
    Description: Series of macros to demonstrate creating a macro via the macro recorder, then enhancing that macro to create a more usable macro that meets your needs. This archive also includes the text from my blog.

    Name/Size: Framed Box Revisited 169k
    Version/Date: none 11/11/2007
    Programmer/Copyright: Leonard Kikstra 2007
    Description: A revisit of the Framed Box macro/blog article. This version incorporated SolidWorks' PropertyManager page and the capability to capture sketch and feature names while building the framed box.