Free Software

Free CD/DVD applications

  • - This site contains software for burning music CD's, data CD's, data DVD,s and video DVD's.  They also have a DVD Ripping tool.  All free for home use.
  • AVSMedia - At this site, you can download a free DVD player software so you can play DVD's on your computer, if you have a DVD drive.

Free CD's of applications

  • OpenOffice - Suite of software that is compatible with Microsoft Office Documents.

Free CD's of Software

Other free software - This is free software that you can download and install on your computer.

Linux Operating System - Graphical based operating system that rivals Windows. Many of these variations are available in LiveCD's or LiveDVD's that you can download and burn for free. Place the CD/DVD into the drive and reboot your PC. You will then be running inside of a Linux Operating System without risk of losing your data or current Windows setup.

  • DistroWatch - Source of information for Linux distributions.
  • Frozentech - Links to download CD's and a store to purchase a CD's.